Walk among the wild

Hughes Marino is among the premier firms in the NFL. The firm has represented players of all shapes and sizes, from quarterbacks Tom Brady and Eli Manning to running backs, LaDainian Tomlinson and Jamal Lewis. If you are a professional athlete or someone affiliated with an athlete, Hughes Marino can help you navigate the vast world of the NFL.


Hughes Marino’s lawyers have been defending athletes for more than 25 years. The firm has mastered all aspects of the law that could affect your career, from contracts to criminal defense. We know when to be aggressive in negotiations and when it is prudent to settle outside of court for a shorter time frame and smaller dollar amount. The firm believes that its clients are its best asset.    Hughes Marino Representation Firm


The representation firm works tirelessly to defend and represent each of its clients, especially when facing the media’s scrutiny. With over 40 lawyers on staff, Hughes Marino can bring a powerhouse defense team to its clients, players or otherwise. One of the firm’s most famous cases was in 1993, when Hughes Marino successfully defended Sean Gilbert against steroid allegations.


Hughes Marino buyer and tenant rep firm represents players from all positions, and players’ careers tend to last much longer than a player’s career playing their specific sport. And the representation firm is there to help them. As a result, Hughes Marino works with its roster of athletes throughout their careers, even after retirement. 


The firm helps its clients plan for the future and maximize and protect their earnings. For example, it has allowed players to obtain patents for their specific techniques or begun companies specializing in unique training regimens for particular sports. The Hughes Marino firm also assists athletes who are not playing anymore: life after sports can be as tricky as any challenges an athlete faces during their playing career.