Walk among the wild

Jason Hughes is a native of San Diego, born and raised in the Mira Mesa area (he’s still living there). He graduated from Point Loma High School and is currently studying computer science at UC Irvine. While not running or coding, Jason likes to walk his dog, read and travel. Jason Hughes started gaming at age 14, playing “Kerberos” on his PalmPilot. 


He has continued gaming, which is the driving force behind his work. With the proliferation of smartphones, he set out to develop a game that would be “portable” enough to play wherever you are. As an avid bicyclist who liked to game on the go (for entertainment during long bike rides), for Jason Hughes it was imperative that he find a way to make mobile gaming fun.


After writing a game in his spare time, Jason Hughes remembered that he knew how to code and set out to learn. Following various tutorials, as he learned C++ and JavaScript, he eventually created a working prototype and shared it with friends. His success quickly spread across the gaming community on Facebook, where his concept was met with enthusiasm. 


The email address [email protected] became flooded with requests for the game. Although it was initially intended for the BlackBerry platform, he was pleasantly surprised when he discovered that Apple iPhone users wanted to play it too! Jason Hughes kept busy at work while continuing to tweak and improve his original concept. He eventually found himself at the helm of a burgeoning mobile game development company, Curious Code.

Jason Hughes took a break from his demanding full-time job to write this book. He hopes you enjoy it as much as he did. He has been playing games since he was a child. His first experience with gaming was on his Commodore 64 computer. As the technology progressed, Jason Hughes from Hughes Marino moved on to more advanced gaming platforms.