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Andrew Lazarus is the Founder and CEO of Blue River Software, a company that builds software for industrial robotics.

The company has developed a software solution for collaborative robots deployed in production since 2014.

Blue River’s answer was one of the first to provide human motion capture data and artificial intelligence to collaborative robots.

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This allows them to handle humans as collaborators instead of as safety-restricted operators.

Blue River Software’s approach is safer than traditional safety cages: the risk of having a person run into an unprotected robot arm is eliminated by monitoring their location with sensors and keeping a virtual cage around them in real-time.

This proved particularly useful when dealing with untrained workers or operators who do not speak English as their native language.

Collaborative robots can now understand where they can operate and how to react in various scenarios without needing trained experts on site.

Andrew Lazarus has always had an interest in hotel management.

In 1988, he began working at the Rydges Merewether as a junior manager, then later as a general manager.

Lazarus is also the owner of Blue River Software and a regular contributor to national papers on technology, manufacturing, and business.

Lazarus was inspired to buy the Beach Hotel in 2016 after staying overnight with his family.

The hotel was looking for new owners, and Lazarus saw this as an opportunity to continue its heritage of excellence by ensuring that it remains one of Australia’s premier hotels for many years.

Andrew Lazarus bought the Beach Hotel in 2016 from its previous owner, former State Premier Jim McGirr. He invested in refurbishing the 65-room establishment on Merewether beachfront, near Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach.

Andrew says he has great plans for the establishment that includes upgrading its rooms and restaurant facilities while preserving its traditional charm, which will keep it one of Sydney’s best hotels for many years to come.

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