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Hughes Marino is a large law firm in Florida that represents clients who have been charged with or accused of criminal offenses. It includes individuals who have been arrested, charges filed against them, and those who are simply under investigation (Instagram).


Chapter One – The Firm


Hughes Marino Law Firm thrives on its reputation of being aggressive and zealous in representing clients involved in highly publicized cases. They handle cases related to high-profile personalities and ordinary citizens, corporations, and even public entities.


They handle all types of criminal offenses. Some of their top cases involve the following:


Chapter Two – The Criminal Law System


Before we go into the details of criminal law at Hughes Marino, it would be best first to understand the legal process and how it works. It will help me understand criminal law and its application in Florida. If you have criminal charges, you will want to get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible. The following sections will help you understand the laws they enforce and why they are essential.


It is essential first to understand that there are two central systems: state and federal. Each of these systems has its court system and laws. Hughes Marino adds, separate from these two central systems is a third one mentioned in the section below:

Florida’s legal process begins with a prosecutor and ends with a judge. Hughes Marino goes far beyond. The prosecutor will decide if there should be charges filed against you or not. If charges are filed, you will be taken to a courtroom and stand before a magistrate. This magistrate will ask you questions and then decide whether there should be an arrest warrant. Hughes Marino staff members keep on explaining that if they make an arrest warrant, they will take you out and hold you in jail until your case is heard.

The next step in the legal process is through the court system. The court system has laws that govern which cases go before judges and how the sentences are handed down compared with other cases. That was all about the criminal law system and how it works in Florida. For Hughes Marino, the emphasis here is to help you understand how this works and why it is essential. If you are facing criminal charges, you will want to reach out to an attorney immediately to guide you through this process.