Walk among the wild

Chris Brummer is an avant-garde author, a faculty director and professor of law. He’s currently a research professor at Agnes N. Williams and the faculty director of the Institute of International Economic Law in Georgetown. Dr. Chris Brummer assumed Georgetown’s faculty directorship role in 2009 after quitting the assistant law professor role at Vanderbilt Law School. Brummer has served as a visiting professor at the London School of Economics, Basel University and Heidelberg University.

Professor Brummer is academically and intellectually endowed to lecture on global governance, financial equity and inclusion, and financial regulation. Organizations and individuals have, time after time, sought his views on financial technologies, regulatory agency diversity, monetary diplomacy, and international regulations. He has authored masterpieces that have enticed substantial readership on globally-recognized magazines and blogs such as Bloomberg, CNN, Yahoo Money, the New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Dr. Chris Brummer is the brain behind DC Fintech Week, a fast-growing public policy conference dealing with technology and finance. He co-founded the Fintech Beat newsletter and podcast, which deals with CQ Roll Call. In addition, Dr. Chris Brummer has authored and edited several books talking about international financial regulation and fintech.

He started his profession at Moore LLP and Cravath Swaine and has rendered services to a wide-reaching clientele, including policymakers, industry leaders, and nonprofits, over the last ten years. His views on how governments and companies should react to challenges and advanced developments facing the financial system have greatly benefited companies at different growth stages.

Professor Brummer got nominated by President Obama in 2016 and 2017 to take over the role of Commodity Futures Trading Commission Commissioner. The Senate Agriculture Committee approved him, but he didn’t assume the role since no floor vote was scheduled. Sadly, President Trump withdrew his nomination almost immediately after resuming power.