Walk among the wild

Andrew Frame started the company Citizen App with one primary mandate. The company connects emergency services, such as 911 and information to keep the world safe. He began the company as an entrepreneur and software developer expert. Since he was a young teenager, he knew he wanted to venture into different aspects of the information technology sector.

He started working as a network infrastructure engineer at seventeen and became very interested in computers. Andrew Frame got an opportunity with Cisco Systems, one of the world’s most prestigious companies and then became one of the youngest to hold that position within just a few years.

Citizen provides anyone with comprehensive safety and location-specific intelligence for significant discounts. Its founders, Andrew Frame and his partners received their education in the information and networking industry and developed a service that benefits consumers worldwide. To keep as many people alive and safe from harm, Citizen distributed its headquarters globally after the pandemic had begun.

One of Citizen’s co-founders, Andrew Frame, found himself working remotely but maintaining traditional working hours to stay focused and find a way forward through the Viral 19 solution.

With weak bodies curbing his productivity levels due to inadequate rest, Andrew eventually found comfort back in Los Angeles, where he was born and raised. Due to Covid-19 being such an unprecedented pandemic that affected multiple countries around the world, communication moved away from phone calls as they had become unreliable during this time.

This made conversations between friends challenging because they couldn’t speak at length; instead, conversations were left with short messages reiterating their thoughts on the situation among others in other areas making it difficult for them to connect face-to-face. The changes in lifestyle after the pandemic helped him keep up with some communications more easily than others since he could work more effectively in shorter bursts.

Andrew Frame recognizes that although the Covid-19 pandemic was uncomfortable, it helped him see the different sides of ball dancing. Refer to this article to learn more.


Additional information about Andrew Frame on https://medium.com/@andrewframe