Walk among the wild

Sudhir’s life has been difficult and inspiring at the same time. He is a famous investor and a humanitarian aged 71 years. At eight years old, Sudhir Choudhrie discovered that he was experiencing a life-threatening health condition. Nonetheless, Sudhir Choudhrie has never allowed this condition to hold him back in his quest to inspire others.

Sudhir is famous for the remarkable Cardiology Professorship he had at Columbia University. Also, he partners with transplant victims by rallying for organ donations. Sudhir Choudhrie inspires patients by narrating his heart transplant experience and how he has transformed the deadly condition into something beneficial to all.

Choudhrie is an Indian born in the late 1940s. Sudhir’s mum took the caregiver and general parental roles after losing her husband. Sudhir had his first medical assessment at eight years and his heart was found to be faulty because of a spilling valve. This condition was rare but fatal because it could cause an instant heart failure in the future. Therefore, Sudhir’s childhood was marred by endless health challenges, but he worked hard to succeed in everything he did.

Sudhir earned excellent grades that got him a place at Delhi University where he graduated with an economics degree. He immediately secured a real estate job in his grandfather’s company. However, in 1975, Sudhir created his venture called Magnum Trading which explored the export market in India. Later, he worked at Adidas AG, Taj Hotels, Ebookers PLC, and Air Deccan. At the airlines, Choudhrie helped to upgrade its revenue standards in just five years and more

Sudhir experienced two severe heart attacks, and a transplant had to be done. However, he needed genetic testing that spotted some mutation that could cause an untimely heart failure. In 1999, a donor was found at a time when Sudhir was about to die. An American donor aged 20 years rescued Choudhrie’s life.