Walk among the wild

Like many people in this day and age, Alex Pissios had a dream he wanted to accomplish. Growing up in a family of 5 they weren’t living large like most successful families during that time. They stayed in an apartment complex where his grandparents would stay on the second floor and his uncle on the first. Having his expectations set of already becoming like his father who was a special education teacher. Alex Pissios attended Northeastern Illinois University where he study special education. Later soon after his graduation, he got a job as a student-teacher. Not long after his uncle offered him a job working in a leather and fur business which he stayed doing for over ten years. He later moved on from his uncle’s business and went into real estate which didn’t last very long. Hearing how Alex Pissios’s life was going into a spiral Nick Mirkopoulos decided to help Alex out by making him in charge of a production studio. Both would later create Cinespace which later became the lagest film studio in North America. As the years went by Chicago Cinespace grew to create more jobs employing over 20,000 employees. In 2014 his uncle passed away and Alex Pissios was now in charge of the successful empire that he helped build. In honoring his great uncle he decided to give back to the community in which he came from by creating the Cinecares foundation. This would allow anyone interested in the entertainment business would get an hourly wage learning how to create stages from scratch. All of this would have never been possible if wasn’t for his uncle giving him a second chance.