Walk among the wild

Andrew Frame, a manager and a co-founder of citizen, has been considered the only app joining location information together with 911 intelligence primarily for the security of people. In addition, he was recognized as the best entrepreneur back in the year 2007.

He worked so hard on the networking infrastructure in his early life, getting a promotion to join Cisco Systems. From 2001 to 2004, he worked with Procket Network before returning to his entrepreneurial interest. In an interview with Drew Parker, the founder, and CEO of retirement Planner, Andrew Frame talks about the critical point of improving security through technology.

This app deals with how people can plan for their retirement. In his statement, this app was founded by Drew while he was looking for the best way of arranging his retirement, which to him was so ambiguous. So he decided to get a tool to help plan his retirement. He says that he always goes through the consumer feedback to see places to make changes on the app in his daily routine. Andrew frame continues in his interview that the only way Andrew Frame is coming up with ideas for life is by communicating to the customers to identify the product’s primary goal.

Drews’s success comes with hard work, and he says that he never gives up on his project using the available resources he gets. In his advice, he states that anyone should not sit on his idea for a business; you need to go for it whether it will work or not. Drew talks about the web Survive that has been of great importance to him, Shopify, which he uses on small businesses. In conclusion, he gives his favorite quote, which is I have two, but they work together, meaning that every person has got an idea with an unlike level of understanding, and so you should be aware of the information source. Go to this page for more information.


More about Frame on https://www.inc.com/alexa-von-tobel/founder-of-citizen-andrew-frame.html