Walk among the wild

Randal Nardone began his career in finance by earning an undergraduate degree in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut. He went on to receive a J.D. from Boston University School of Law. Besides serving as co-founder of Fortress Investment Group in 1998, Mr. Nardone has also been a member of the Management Committee since 1998, and he has served as a principal and member of the Board of Directors since November 2006. In August 2013, he was appointed the role of Chief Executive Officer. Before co-founding Fortress with Wesley Edens, Randal Nardone held positions with UBS, BlackRock Financial Management, Inc., and Thatcher Proffitt and Wood.

Randal Nardone has been instrumental in Fortress’s success, from its start as an equity firm to where the company is today as a global investment manager. When Fortress first began trading on the stock market in 2007, its stock prices doubled in a single day with Mr. Nardone’s expertise. Today, Mr. Nardone ranks number 557 on the Forbes billionaire list.

In December 2017, global technology company SoftBank Group closed a transaction with Fortress to acquire the investment firm for $3.3 billion. Although SoftBank has been known for buying out tech startup companies, the move to acquire Fortress works toward SoftBank’s goal of becoming one of the largest global investment firms. SoftBank is based in Tokyo, although they have agreed to allow Fortress to keep their New York headquarters. Randal Nardone and fellow Fortress principals Wes Edens and Pete Briger will also retain their positions as leaders of Fortress.

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