Walk among the wild

Alex Pissios is the CEO of Cinespace Film Studios and a philanthropist who is dedicated to making life for others better.

For 19years, the University of Chicago Medicine under the Comer Children’s Hospital has been running a large mobile clinic that travels to at least 30 schools and communities providing direly needed medical services.

This service has been able to reach people in vulnerable areas and has been able to help people who would otherwise not be able to access healthcare. Alex Pissios has donated at least $50,000 to the mobile clinic to further its impact.

Alex Pissios has headed Cinespace Chicago Film Studios for a long time. As the biggest studio out of Hollywood, they have produced some fan favorites like Chicago PD and Chicago Med. With the donation from Alex Pissios and Cinespcace, the mobile clinic will be able to reach more people, especially the programs that focussed on mental health.

There is a need to create educational materials that help young people maneuver the issues that are affecting their psychological wellness. Poor mental health sometimes manifests physically and awareness could help reduce these instances.

Alex Pissios, through Cinespace donating the money, goes in line with their vision to remove barriers that hinder community growth.

Their donation will allow them to make a very big difference in child healthcare and the lives these children live in general. It is a step towards ensuring they have a good and healthy future. If more people took initiative to invest in the community, kids will have more to look forward to.