Walk among the wild

Continuing the trend as an industry leader, the M Patrick Carroll led real-estate company CARROLL executed another well-timed sale, this one covering multi-family communities in 4 different land areas. This is just the latest move for this active company, whose combined 24 acquisitions and dispositions have totaled $1.8 billion in transactions for 2021.

With the pandemic receding it’s imperative to identify emerging markets that include, population growth, strong school systems, work opportunity, and infrastructure that will be sure to see a population explosion as covid-restrictions open. Featuring properties in Charleston, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Nashville, this latest transaction gives a preview of the direction M Patrick Carroll is taking with his company. He’s identified Sunbelt cities as the biggest recipients of multi-family housing population growth. With significant community estates in other major Sunbelt Cites under the CARROLL management philosophy, these communities will be sure to attract people moving back into the cities for a rapid return on investment.

CARROLL has been a leader of multifamily real estate almost as soon as it was founded. Started in 2004 by founder and CEO M Patrick Carroll, this firm is headquartered in Georgia, so CARROLL remains near the communities which it acquires and manages. M Patrick Carroll serves as a board member of a Boys and Girls Club branch and mentors high-school students in his free time. This sort of community giveback is exactly what CARROLL real-estate prioritize in their deals. As stated, after this most recent deal, “Throughout our hold, we successfully achieved our goal of improving resident life through strategic upgrades and high-quality service”. For an industry leader and innovator who keeps the community in mind, keep an eye on M Patrick Carroll and the exciting year to come.

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