Walk among the wild

Have you ever wished you could put off a bill by just a bit so you can enjoy yourself and not worry about paying for it right now? Well, this is exactly what Zilch lets you do. You can have buy now pay later food experiences without all of the worries that usually accompany fitting a bill this exact second. The way it works is that you sign up for Zilch, and then you find a restaurant that also participates in this kind of buy now pay later food experience, with an example being the Grub Club’s Underground Supperclub. Next, you pay 25% of the bill upfront, without worrying about interest depending on the specifics.

Finally, you have your buy now pay later food experience, and then pay the bill within 6 weeks through Zilch. That’s it. This makes it so you can experience the Grub Club’s experience to eat French cuisine made by Chef Alex Cooper right on a 1960’s train from the Victoria line. This is hardly an experience you can have every day, so if you have the opportunity to go here to the UK, you should jump on it when you can. This is exactly the kind of thing that Zilch is made for in general. You can have your unique experience without worrying about finances for the immediate future, but everything will still be taken care of down the line when it’s going to be easier for you to think about it without putting a damper in your train ride with French cuisine unlike you anything that you’ve had before. The important bit is to make sure you’re signed up ahead of time, however, and that you know that the restaurant is signed up as well, just like Grub Club is. From there, you can set your mind at ease and have a great time.