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Gordonstoun school was established by Dr. Kurt Hahn.

Hahn was born in Berlin and studied in the universities of Heidelberg, Gottingen, and Oxford.

He has always had a passion for sharing knowledge with young minds.

In this regard, he moved to Scotland, where he started the British Salem School of Gordonstoun.

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Hahn later introduced the Moray Badge, which was awarded to students who completed expeditions, fitness exercises, and various projects.

Prince Philip was one of the first students who received the Moray Badge.

After several years, Hahn and Prince Philip worked together to form the Duke of Edinburg award.

The Duke of Edinburg Award was meant to shape the young population and guide them towards becoming responsible citizens in the near future.

The program was launched in 1956 and was directed by Sir John Hunt.

Some of the activities that participants have to complete include Rescue and Public Service, Fitness, and expeditions, to mention but a few.

The award quickly grew in popularity, as thousands of young men had benefited from the program within its first year.

Also, the program expanded to the British Army, Navy, and Air Force and local education institutions.

In addition to the English GCSE and A-level curriculum, Gordonstoun has a ‘working week’ where students give back to the community through service.

This builds social responsibility.

The school sits on a huge part of the land that presents students with a variety of outdoor activities to participate in.

Students participate in sail training which teaches them the importance of teamwork and collaboration.

The facility provides top of the art facilities to students to ensure they are fully engaged and integrated into the school system.

Students who have gone through Gordonstoun proceed to universities and top institutions across the globe owing to their excellent performance.

Also, the school is inclusive to all students as it has many international students from various cultural backgrounds.

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