Walk among the wild

In his words “I was a philosopher turned artist.” This is how Edgard Corona, a Mexican sculptor and painter, describes himself. The son of an Italian father and a Mexican mother, he grew up in the small town of Tecate, Mexico. His interest in art began at an early age when he would copy pictures from books that he had found on the streets where he lived. In spite of his love for art his parents did not support this passion because they wanted him to become a lawyer instead. Nonetheless, Edgard Corona pursued this hobby until finally realizing that it was what made him happy and fulfilled.

Edgard Corona studied art at the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California in Ensenada, Mexico. At age 22 he decided to leave his hometown for Tijuana where he set up a gallery with another artist named Luis A. Oropeza Lopez. He opened two other galleries on Cristo Street near the intersection of Revolución Avenue.

This is where Edgard Corona spent most of his time when he wasn’t painting or sculpting. However, after 10 years, in 1993, he closed all three galleries and decided to focus on creating art full-time.

This is when he began working with stone sculptures that would later become granite carvings; this was a process that he took several years to perfect. His first big break came when his work was shown in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino of Las Vegas, Nevada. After this show his career as a professional artist began taking off, and over the next few years he would exhibit his work in twelve cities around the world including Japan, China, Mexico, Guatemala and others.

In an interview for a Mexican newspaper Corona stated, “I have always been concerned about the education of young artists and I have participated in several contests to help them find a way to study art.” In that same interview he also stated that being an artist has been his dream from as early as he can remember. To know more click: here.