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An award is a positive conferment to any individual due to their exemplary achievements.

Gordonstoun, among the best learning institutions, has made a difference for many individuals.

Since it was founded in 1934, the founding leader Dr. Kurt Hahn has had ways of honoring his students.

Since the days of his first students, including Prince Philip, who was awarded the Moray Badge for his efforts in projects presented to him.

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Notably, they involved taking in rescue services, among other projects by competing with other learners.

Hahn is a German National, who wanted to explore more educational backgrounds.

After the breakout of World War I, he found refuge in Scotland.

He took the opportunity to begin his exploration in helping the learners acquire education.

The institution has made a huge impact on the community.

After Prince Philip’s departure, he later teamed with Hahn to expedite the award by making it bigger and better.

It is through such good gestures that Gordonstoun today is known for the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

It is received by individuals who show their hard work and determination by possessing achievements in various areas, namely Expeditions and Fitness.

Additionally, the award has benefited the Gordonstoun community and has fully incorporated different countries in the Globe.

Over the years, the Duke of Edinburgh Program has expanded as many individuals have come forward to participate. They include those from British Army, among others.

The program’s continued efforts have allowed young people below fourteen skills to participate and show their skills.

Amazingly, the award goes to any achiever despite their background.

It seeks to reward talented individuals and those that truly fit to receive it.

Talented individuals are encouraged to participate and showcase their talents to win the prestigious award. Gordonstoun is an institution that offers widely in the curriculum.

It is grounded on key values that have equipped its learners to grow from all perspectives.

Its team is full of experts who are compelled through compassion and teamwork.

Gordonstoun is open to welcoming both the local and international students.

Learn more about Gordonstoun: https://www.ukboardingschools.com/schools/gordonstoun/