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Gillette Stadium is in the running as the home of 2026 World Cup matches. Robert Kraft has a 58 percent likelihood of winning the bid in a November vote in Moscow. It is one of 13 venues in the United States bidding to host games at the 2026 World Cup. The U.S. Soccer Federation’s vote on the hosting bid is expected to take place in March.

Robert Kraft would like to see the U.S. host the first matches in the New England area. The chances of the U.S. winning the bid seem relatively good. The U.S. had 17 of 20 venues submitted for the 2018 tournament, generally considered a relatively strong showing. “We don’t have enough people (to accommodate a tournament),” Robert Kraft said. “You’ve got five teams that are in Major League Soccer, and we know the prices and the taxes, the margins are small.

So this would be a little bit of a challenge, but I think the risk of not going would be far greater than going.” Patriots’ fans and team officials all have praised a possible 2026 World Cup in Foxboro for bringing an economic boost to the region and for generating $750 million in tax revenues to New England alone. Robert Kraft said that the team could not rule out putting on other major events, like the Super Bowl. “We have done enough to ensure the venue can be expanded or altered to accommodate any events,” Kraft said.

Robert Kraft said, “I’ve sacrificed for the $2 billion stadia, with minimal public subsidies. Our reputation as a good corporate citizen would be one of the reasons to look at a World Cup game or an All-Star game or whatever in the stadium.” He then proposed building a stadium with a roof, which Bilello called the first retractable roof in the U.S., and probably the world. According to Kraft, the roof, which cost $6 million, is believed to be the third-largest in the country, following Detroit’s Comerica Park and Wrigley Field. Visit this page for more information.


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