Walk among the wild

Eduardo might be on top of the world but not a lot of people know how he managed to pull this off in the first place. He was born & raised in the back streets of Brazil & tried to ace every test that he took when he was attending high school. His hard work would soon be rewarded when he was the valedictorian. He did not take this lightly & strived to be the best that he could be. As he said goodbye to that time of his life, he had to go to college but it was not easy to decide which one. He had a lot of top tier schools in the world breathing down his neck but in the end, he opted to stay a bit closer to home just in case he had to deal with any issues that came up back home. He studied harder than he ever had before & his grades reflected this. As he got to phi beta kappa, he kept his eye on the prize & was soon able to finish summa cum laude. Naturally, his folks were quite proud of what he had done & he then went on to get a job at the local bank. He served as a director there for more than 2 years back in the mid-’90s but it soon became clear that he could do more than just hand people their change. So he departed the role in the fall of 96 after getting an offer from Safra in Luxembourg. He knew it would be a big change but was ready to handle any issues that may come his way. He served in the role for over 9 years until he was offered the role of CEO at Quintet Capital in 2018.