Walk among the wild

Corruption has always been viewed as one of the vices that have hindered the progress and the success of developing nations around the world. Very many nations have been working hard to deal with the issue of corruption in their systems. However, it is worth indicating that much work needs to be done to help in eliminating all forms of corruption in such countries and bringing a fair system. According to Georgette Mulheir, although other developing countries seem to be doing everything possible to deal with the cases of corruption, Haiti is doing very little to address this problem. In fact, very many observers indicate that the country seems to be cultivating the vice of corruption in its entire system. 


People are currently indicating that everything in the Haitian country has been corrupted, and there is no hope for the country in the eyes of the young generation. The current government that is in charge of the country has the primary role of ensuring that all the issues surrounding corruption have been uprooted from the country. However, it is very unfortunate that this is the government that has been cultivating the issue of corruption in its activities. Very many people in the country indicate that the previous general elections were not free and fair (Voice-online).


 The current leadership corrupted its way to the top. Having a corrupted government does not mean that the country cannot move forward. Other essential systems within the country have always been at the center of addressing all the unnecessary issues that such countries have been facing. It is these bodies that helped in protecting the citizens against a corrupt regime. Unfortunately, In Haiti, every other legal or body that is supposed to support the citizens has already been corrupted and sings to the tune of the dictatorship government. Georgette Mulheir states that corruption is a significant problem, even in developed countries. However, these countries have already introduced various measures and systems that are supposed to ensure that such vices do not interfere with service delivery to the citizens. However, in the case of Haiti, Georgette Mulheir indicates that all systems have been corrupted, and there is no hope for people seeking services from their government.