Walk among the wild

Pam Baer is an individual whose actions help disprove the myth that all wealthy people are selfish and greedy. She has established quite the philanthropic reputation for her community work. Pam Baer has played a major role in the betterment of the public healthcare system. The San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (SFGHF) lifetime director specializes in the treatment of mental and behavioral problems.

Founded by Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, SFGHF can be described as a safety net hospital that serves the community’s most vulnerable. With the forward-thinking billionaire entrepreneur being the founder it’s no surprise the hospital has become one of the most innovative medical centers in the world.

The pandemic strained the public health system even more than it is usually. Without places like SFGHF and dedicated people like Pam Baer stepping up to meet the challenge, many vulnerable individuals’ general health and wellness would’ve been at serious risk. the hospital firmly believes in providing individuals quality health care no matter their socio-economic circumstances. Pam Baer has always taken mental and behavioral health serious despite the stigmas often attached to them. She is one of the main individuals credited with helping to create and launch the Transform Mental and Behavioral Health Fund.

In just 3 years since it was established the organization has raised more than $5 million toward its charitable endeavors. The fund has had to get innovative during the pandemic, initiating a telecare health program to help combat the spread of COVID. Go here for related Information.

About Pam Baer

Pam Baer is a Texas native who graduated from UT Austin. She would go on to relocated to New York City pursuing a career in brand marketing. In fact, sometime later she founded her own direct marketing company which she would eventually sell after marrying her husband, who happens to be the CEO of the San Francisco Giants. The marriage would prompt her to move to San Francisco and refocus her efforts into things that would benefit the community.


More about Baer on https://www.sfspca.org/about/leadership/pam-baer/