Walk among the wild

With over 1 billion active users on social media, it is easy to be scammed online by either people or companies. Although QNET has been on the frontline for decades, many people and blogs still think it’s a scam.

First, QNET is neither a scam nor an investment. QNET is a system of support that connects people to the product that they need and want in the amounts they are willing to pay since they see value in the product. Like any other commercial business, people selling QNET’S products as well as the company earn a profit.

Most illegal companies fail within the first few years, most importantly because they do not comply with the laws. QNET has been in the industry for more than two decades and it does not portray any signs of going down. Ever since it was launched in 1998 in South East Asia, it has currently expanded into more than 25 countries as a legal business.

To create a long-term relationship with other companies, being credible is important. No brand would want to associate with an unethical or a dodgy company. QNET’s business leaders are well-known and have worked globally, including partnering with a top-rated sports team, the Manchester City Football Club, and Marussia FI.

QNET is a modern business and some developing economies find it difficult to adapt to the new business models. In 2009, QNET was banned by the ministry of finance in Rwanda due to a lack of full information about the business. In 2012, the MOF overturned the ban and allowed the company to operate in Rwanda. Currently, Rwanda is QNET’s regional distribution hub in the whole of East Africa.

About QNET

QNET is a legit direct selling company that helps and develops upcoming entrepreneurs in numerous emerging economies. Its products help people to enhance their lifestyle and live healthier lives. See this page to learn more.


Additional information about QNET on https://www.directsellingnews.com/qnet-partners-with-suppliers-for-ethically-sourced-and-sustainable-products/