Walk among the wild

Jake Medwell is a renowned entrepreneur who has dedicated the better part of his life to the company’s wellbeing and growth; He is the founder of 8VC, which is a company that focuses on venture capital funds to find a solution to the actual world problem through business revolution. In addition, Jake is also responsible for overseeing 8VC logistics and transportation operations. Recently, Alan Gershenhorn has joined 8vc, his new role at the company as that of an advisor.

Before joining the company, Gershenhorn was the assistant leader at the United Parcel Service. He established the UPS Company in 1979, and since then, the company growth was impressive. It received a growth rate of three billion-dollar parcel carrier to sixty-five billion-dollar international logistics. Through a series of planned and technological revolutions, Alan was recognized as the top supply chain leader.

Alan has proven his excellent expertise while at the UPS when it comes to the logistics industry. Therefore Jake Medwell recounts the decision to involve Gershenhorn at the advisory team as a win. Alan expects to transform the 8VC logistic space by incorporating new technology to meet customer satisfaction. His big assignment at the 8VC is to assist startups in prioritizing and bring ideas to reality.

One trend that excites Gershhenhorn is that of stratus and how to help them grow. The management should be willing to plan and develop processes to help find solutions to bring new ideas into existence. Therefore Jake Medwel sees this as an excellent opportunity to scale the company to new levels.

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