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IM Academy is an online provider of digital educational products and services. They provide courses teaching essential Forex Trading skills. Their primary goal is to help people become profitable traders with the ability to manage their accounts. The company leverages interactive content, a comprehensive library of pre-recorded and app-based information, and real-time trading signals to teach its students.

IM Academy has provided high-quality education and forex trading access since 2013 as a subscription service. Over 220 000 traders across the globe have benefited from our courses provided at affordable prices. Our courses cover market, technical, fundamental, stock selection, and portfolio management. We also offer free educational resources, including articles, charts, videos, and webinars.

IM Academy’s corporate strategy is to operate in multiple geographical regions, each with an appropriate local entity that operates under the relevant laws and regulations. Each regional entity registers itself in the country in which it operates.

In the age of digitalization, many companies have decided to rework their offices by giving all employees complete freedom to work remotely, especially during quarantine. Remote work models offer flexibility and cost savings while allowing teams to collaborate effectively regardless of the geographic location. However, working remotely brings challenges such as lack of physical presence, communication difficulties, and lack of shared knowledge. Some studies show that remote workers lose productivity due to distractions and stress. Therefore, the implementation of a remote working strategy may need careful planning.

IM Academy offer four different training programs available on our site. We call them academies. Academies are four courses that help you become a successful sales professional and earn commissions.

The videos cover all the basics you need to get started in Forex Trading, including market analysis, charting, technical indicators, order types, position-sizing, risk management, and how to trade different currency pairs. They also cover the GoLive Interactive Sessions in which the real action happens. Students participate in live trading sessions alongside the instructor and other students, answering questions and engaging in discussions about trading strategies and strategies themselves. The instructors guide the discussion through structured question/answer periods and focus on topics that matter most to them. For android users, visit this app, for additional information.


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