Walk among the wild

Sports play a vital role in people’s health. Different stakeholders have

invested in different sports, knowing they play a vital role in a country’s economy. Alfons Hörmann is an individual who has been part and parcel of the Olympic

board in Germany. The individual is a visionary leader who doubles up as a businessman.

Alfons Hörmann has served in different capacities in the sporting arena. He started as the Skiing association’s president before becoming the chairman of the Olympic association. During the COVID -19 Pandemic, he resigned amid allegations tarnishing his name.

Many issues cropped up during the pandemic period that showed the need to incorporate some new policies. Some of the challenges that were pointed out included bureaucracy. Before Hörmann tendered his resignation, he highlighted how bureaucracy had impacted the sport. During the pandemic, most individuals sought sports as a way of recreation and a positive impact on people’s health.

According to Alfons Hörmann he sees a successful athletics team after the state officials put their interests aside and are not involved in the team’s affairs.

He pointed out that the swimming and sports teams were in dire need during his tenure. The cause of the need was due to the hardline positions of the different individuals in leadership positions. The leadership whom hold various influential positions in the Government has made transformations and reforms slow.

The sports visionary sought to clear the wind before he resigned from his current position. The challenge with his successor is filling the void and collaborating with the Government officials to bring the much-needed change. More information: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/alfons-h%C3%B6rmann

About Alfons Hörmann

He began his career in the fabrication industry over three decades ago. Before joining the sporting world, he worked in different managerial positions. Additionally, he is a family man married and has sired three children.