Walk among the wild

Miki Agrawal is a young entrepreneur who’s been disrupting how we think about women’s health and sexual wellness. When she founded Thinx, a period underwear brand, in 2011, Miki Agrawal was determined to change how people viewed periods—not as something shameful or embarrassing, but as a natural bodily function that deserves attention and respect.


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Today, Thinx is one of the most successful period underwear companies on the market, and Miki’s story has inspired thousands of women worldwide. But Miki didn’t stop there. In 2015, she launched Tushy, a brand that makes bidet attachment products for home toilets. Using her disruptor mindset, Miki is changing how we think about hygiene and sustainability.

Disruptions in the market are helping new innovators like Miki Agrawal to find success. Thanks to social media and other digital platforms, entrepreneurs have more opportunities to share their products and get their brands noticed. And with consumers becoming more curious about healthier living and sustainability, it’s easier than ever for businesses that focus on wellness and eco-friendly products to thrive.

Those with a considerable push to succeed and the determination to disrupt the market are often growing in their ventures. However, if you’re an entrepreneur with a bright idea, don’t be afraid to take risks and trust your instincts. With persistence, drive, and passion, you can change the game and make your mark on this world.

Miki Agrawal continues to note that with all the advancements in technology, entrepreneurs have more opportunities to get their businesses and products noticed by consumers. She also believes that because consumers are more interested in healthier living and sustainability, it’s easier than ever for businesses to succeed if they focus on wellness and eco-friendly products. Miki’s advice to other entrepreneurs is to trust their instincts, be passionate, and take risks. She has followed her advice and has seen great success in her businesses.