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Evvy is a women-founded venture that intends to create a new perspective on understanding a woman’s body. Evvy gets its name from `every vagina.’ It was launched by Priyanka Jain and Laine Bruzek, who had a mission to help women and fill gaps in the research sector. Evvy focuses on a vital biomarker, which is the vaginal microbiome. Evvy intends to help any woman gain more insight into their vaginal health, why it is important and what to do about it.


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Evvy has created their home test kit for the microbiome. With this, the user can return their wipe for analysis and will get information and detailed analysis of bacteria and fungi that may be present down there. Women experiencing menopause may find answers to symptoms by using the kit. Test users are also given proposals for what they may try or even change: lifestyle and diet.

Evvy aims to help women with health issues that are or may be associated with Microbiol imbalance. A single Evvy swab costs $129, and also a membership alternative is available. Although Evvy is not the first At-home vaginal microbiome test kit, Evvy is the first to use metagenomic sequencing.

Evvy, therefore, advises women that;

  • It is essential for them to understand the necessity of the vaginal microbiome.
  • The At-home test kit is inexpensive and easy to gain access to.
  • It is important for them to mind their vaginal health.
  • They ought not to waste their hard-earned money on products meant for pH balancing.
  • They should look for probiotics and prebiotics.
  • Vaginal discharge is quite normal and different in women since every woman’s body is different ( although it raises a red flag when it is not the normal one is used to).

Evvy issues a disclaimer that it does not provide medical counsel but only a health test at the time.To sum it up, Evvy is the best option to go for since it gives relevant information to its user.

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