Walk among the wild

Greg Blatt, a law school graduate, worked at a law firm for over a decade. He eventually found himself doing legal research and writing briefs. Even though he liked his job, he was not happy. Blatt wanted to be more entrepreneurial, had a nagging desire to learn about technology, and was especially interested in the internet marketing trends that were becoming de rigueur in the law world.

Greg Blatt thought about starting an online advertising company for over a year. In 2003 he decided it was time to start up his company.

Despite being rejected by the CBBS (Certified Business Brokerage Service), which is the main way start-up companies are financed, Blatt successfully launched his company. He started a call center to help business owners sell online advertising. His first customer was a single mom with two young children who wanted to lease monthly equipment. She had previously tried and failed to sell her company’s business tools on eBay and elsewhere. The next week she had $20,000 worth of goods on the website. She sold $50,000 worth of goods within a month on her eBay and Amazon websites. Blatt was hooked. Refer to this page to learn more.

Blatt and his wife renovated a house in Oregon and moved to California in January 2004. He started spending his evenings further developing his new business while working full-time at the law firm.

Blatt’s business was growing fast, so he started a real estate development company and helped select office spaces for people who wanted to open their businesses.

Blatt stopped doing legal research and writing briefs to favor his new Internet marketing endeavors. By the end of 2004, he had already launched 7 new companies. He did over 100 presentations in front of venture capitalists, angel investors, private equity firms, and not-for-profit organizations throughout California and the country. Blatt’s company was growing rapidly and enabling others to do well. His wife, an attorney, helped him structure his businesses. Greg Blatt’s entrepreneurial streak had him creating more and more companies. He started selling ads on websites for $100 per ad per month.

As online advertising became less profitable, he switched to developing software for small businesses, partnering with large corporations, including Comcast and eBay, to help them sell their products online via their websites. The business started with a $10 million contract with VISA in 2006.


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