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As one of the richest and most influential individuals in sports, Kraft is an excellent example of what a sports mogul should be like. He’s not just about making money from running sports franchises, but he’s also in it for the game’s love and passion.

Robert Kraft is a modern-day sports mogul. He has a network of sports experts on his team and recently formed the Kraft Group Holdings, LLC., which focuses on investments in private companies. Growing up watching the Patriots, Robert Kraft, a big team fan, later purchased it in 1994. His important contributions to the sports world are not overlooked as he has attributed to the industry in other ways.

Robert Kraft is involved in the NFL and has stayed committed to establishing portfolios to popularize the team. The company leader, known for his engagements in different investments umbrella under the Kraft group, has continued to make milestones in the industry. He is keen on his passion for investing in startups and small businesses. Kraft partnered with Goldman Sachs and invested in a company called 10Q.

The company was developing a technology that improved the efficiency of businesses in several industries, including healthcare, financial services, and technology. His generosity and dedication to helping others have been applauded, especially by the foundation of Robert Kraft Charitable Foundation. The organization focuses on helping the vulnerable among other people in the community. The avid sports fan has been a leader committed to change for his love for the other startups. He has continued to be keen to offer his support in different ways.

Kraft is a family man with children. He also needs other roles, especially his contribution to different leagues in the sports industry. He has notably been awarded various awards and accolades. He attended Columbia University. ssSee this article to learn more.


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