Walk among the wild

Rachel Nichols is a remarkable sports broadcaster based in New York City. She is known for her role as a smart and authoritative interviewer. Her work has influenced many topics about the inside lives of well-known sports athletes. Many sports writing outlets have acknowledged Rachel for her outstanding capacity to build a lengthy career as a female sports journalist.

Watching and Attending Each Game

Rachel Nichols’ path towards becoming an excellent sports broadcaster started during her childhood days. She spent countless hours behind the screens watching NBA games. Rachel Nichols then went ahead to share what she learnt and expected from famous athletes that played. Her excitement and passion in sports led her to easily want to pursue a career in sports.

The university of her choice was famous for bringing out sports broadcasters. This meant that a high population of men would be pursuing such a degree. Her desire to learn about sports journalism allowed her to excel despite being among the least population group.

Picking Every Opportunity Given

Rachel was daring and smart enough to not let any growth opportunity pass her by. During her internship days, Rachel chose to do freelancing work as a way of grooming her skills as a journalist. In her second job at the Washington Post, she agreed to work in a role that was above her job description. Rachel Nichols worked as a sub-TV reporter for the Washington Capitals Hockey team. See this article to learn more.

This role became her stepping stone to her gaining a new role of a news correspondent at ESPN. She worked on the job for more than five years. It was then that she was called by CNN to work on her show as a TV host. Her role at CNN worked out excellently, and ESPN called her back to work on her own show. The show known as the Jump gave Rachel the chance to work on building a dialogue about the NBA.


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