Walk among the wild

Yves Mirabaud heads the board of Mirabaud Abu Dhabi Limited. He is a graduate of the Institute of International Studies in Geneva. Yves Mirabaud is an experienced knowledgeable banker who has worked for many institutions in Switzerland and the USA. He started his career at several firms in Zurich, New York, Boston, and Geneva. He has been serving the Mirabaud Group for 10 years. Additionally, he worked as the managing partner of Mirabaud and Cie from 1996 to 2013.

Yves Mirabaud had an interview with Finews.com and stated that Mirabaud aims to ensure the customer’s interests come first. He also stated that Mirabaud Group was planning to come up with a new technology platform. According to him, people view Yves and his peers as old-fashioned and conservative. But this is their culture not to be involved aggressively in the market.

Yves Mirabaud when talking to Finews.com talked about how Covid-19 virus affected the day-to-day Mirabaud’s Business and profit margins. In 2020, the bank made a loss, and its profits dropped considerably. Additionally, he stated that the revenue fell because the US dollar was weak.

However, they were able to win several private bankers who played a significant role in improving their business in the seven markets they are involved in. Additionally, they had plans to develop offices in four other countries, including Switzerland, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. It would, in return, mean they would have 15 to 20 client advisers. Their main aim is always not to have a big team as sometimes this can be a bit expensive.

He also talked to Finews.com about the plans they had regarding technology. The bank wanted to focus more on technology, and we are looking into the latest core banking system. See this article to learn more.


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