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Healthcare comprises the delivery of health and related social services to individuals and populations. In contrast, the UK healthcare system consists of free care for most of the population, with a percentage for those higher in the social hierarchy. Medical Science. Most medical technology aims to make care more efficient, allowing more time to spend on patients and other aspects of care.


The investment landscape in healthcare

Mark Hauser: Healthcare startups often struggle to raise the funding they need to implement new technologies. For example, securing angel investment for a healthcare venture typically requires a minimum of $300,000. Angel investors and Venture capitalists usually do not invest in such small-scale endeavors. However, the healthcare industry tends to be very resilient, so it’s not uncommon to see strong performance from companies even when the healthcare market declines. This stability means large rewards for healthcare ventures that find and capture market share. These medical tourism startups that spring up worldwide may not be the most exciting investment opportunities, but their long-term potential is exciting.

Why does Hauser Private Equity invest in healthcare?

“For decades, healthcare was considered low-growth, boring, boring, boring, and there’s nothing wrong with boring, but boring is no way to run a successful business. Healthcare technology and services represent the most disruptive technology revolution in decades. Still, too many companies have been slow to recognize the significance of this market and the opportunity it presents,” said Mark Hauser, Hauser Private Equity CEO. Hauser Private Equity believes two areas will have a tremendous impact on the healthcare industry in the near term.

What are the opportunities in healthcare?

Mark Hauser: The healthcare industry is dominated by businesses that provide an array of medical goods and services, ranging from retail pharmacies to medical care management companies. With the convergence of information technology with healthcare, the opportunities for development within the healthcare industry continue to expand.

Companies that offer digital medical records are becoming more necessary, as tracking technologies help facilitate medical procedures and monitor their effectiveness. These technologies are also critical to developing a more effective health insurance industry. But with these developments, there is also a need to recognize that the medical system is one that, unless properly implemented, can create challenges to access and quality.