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Imagine the unlimited capacity that can be achieved if a company’s assets can be accessed through an individual’s mobile phone. This type of setting will change the way most businesses transact, as functions will be made easier and faster. This inventory has the power to create such a dynamic setting for any company.

It is known to be the future of the supply chain as it makes most company transactions become faster and inventory is made more visible. Accurate visibility and tracking of company assets and products can present great advantages for any company. Data Systems International is a company that has maintained focus on providing its clients with both cloud inventory and field inventory solutions.

Background Information of DSI

Based in Kansas, DSI has set its mission to provide businesses with the capacity for a breakthrough regarding inventory tracking. DSI has a track record of offering inventory solutions for over 40 years to currently over 2000 customers all over the world.

The company has offered inventory solutions in industries such as medicine, engineering, distribution, and manufacturing. Its team of experts is experienced in offering various inventory solutions that are set to bring a change to current business challenges.

DSI Partnership with Salesforce

DSI has chosen to offer its inventory management solutions through Cloud Inventory to the Salesforce Company. Salesforce is an online company that deals with the provision of customer relationship management services. Besides cloud inventory solutions, DSI will also offer Salesforce its field inventory solutions. This integration is set to enable Salesforce staff to have the ability to track inventory accurately and offer precise services to their clients.

Data Systems International offers Cloud Inventory solutions to companies as well as mobile-first supply chain applications used in the digital economy sector. Cloud Inventory remains unique in the market. Using this service, you will get valuable service at any time, as it is available on mobile devices. With this technology, you can easily track and monitor your inventory from when it leaves the warehouse, where it is in transit and identify its last destination.

Both companies discovered the necessity of optimizing customer relationship management services with this inventory. This could be achieved by increasing inventory accessibility for applications on mobile phones. This would enhance the easier computation of data as it leaves the field to the customer relationship management system. Human errors and loss of time are reduced by this process. This inventory will change the trajectory of many businesses in the future. Go to this page for more information.


Find more information about them on https://www.scmdojo.com/cloud-inventory/