Walk among the wild

Today, SmartFit is considered the biggest gym center in Latin America, with a net worth of about 1billon. This was achieved with a few dollars, based on the second line of the story. This revolutionized the industry. Edgard Corona has been building a nation of fitness enthusiasts by targeting the poor.

When he started working, the problem was, the poorer classes did not have the money to get in, and not many people with money got the opportunity to get in. In those times, it was all about social status. People with money were restricted by the rich and by the poor. Edgard worked to change this. He bought $100 worth of membership cards and sold them to his friends, free of cost.

As the CEO of SmartFit, Edgard helped grow the company. He started it when there were only two gyms in Sao Paulo. Edgard has developed the overall business but has delegated more responsibilities to his daughter and her team.

After seeing the success of the gym business, Edgard Corona expanded his business and was a pioneer in the industry of personal training. The importance of good exercise and fitness in people’s lives motivates Edgard to do more for his country and the people of Colombia. Edgard has always believed in being an entrepreneur, so he got in the business of franchising gyms.

Today, Edgard Corona oversees a group that includes several industries. These are: SmartFit, Bio Ritmo, Auto Ritmo, and Autohomovilidad. Edgard is the founder of Bio Ritmo, which was born in 1999. He chose this business to use the latest technology to make exercise available and convenient to those in the world with little access.

While Edgard was working in the sugar mill, he often visited his father’s farm in the interior of Sao Paulo and noticed that people in the city were far more active than those in the countryside. However, there were few gyms in the region. Edgard took this as an opportunity and invested in the gym. Refer to this page for additional information.