Walk among the wild

All businesses have competitors, and especially those that engage in direct selling. Most people consider direct selling a scam because they don’t understand how the strategy works. That is the case with the QNET scam. Many people don’t know the difference between how pyramid schemes and network marketers operate.

One thing that shows you that the QNET scam is not genuine is that the company has been in operation for over two decades and has stocks of products in more than twenty-five countries. It has enjoyed tremendous direct selling success for the years it has been operating. The direct selling strategy involves companies selling products to consumers without including brokers. Firms that use the approach choose it because it helps them avoid the costs they would have incurred using the typical supply chain process.

Manufacturers who use direct selling and sell them directly to consumers save on the costs they would have spent on brokers. Products sold using the strategy are not stocked in local retail shops. The manufacturers sell their items less than similar ones in local outlets. More than one hundred million people work in the direct selling industry globally.

Companies that use direct selling contract salespeople for marketing their items. The representatives sell the products directly to the consumers using the network-marketing plan. The representatives only get paid based on the sales they make. The salespeople are different from other employees who receive periodic wages and commissions. In direct selling, people are only paid commissions from the sales they make.

Apart from commissions, some firms provide bonuses after the salespeople reach their required targets. And even though some individuals think that direct selling and multi-level marketing are the same, that’s not true. MLM uses direct selling, but direct selling doesn’t use MLM plans. With that said, it is clear that the QNET scam information is untrue; the company is legit and one that you should consider for your direct selling needs.

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