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In medical facilities, the issue of record-keeping has never been a huge area of interest. In fact, most of the stakeholders in this area have never had any discussions on how such facilities need to ensure that they are observing the records that they have been collecting about their clients. There has always been a level of trust that has prevailed between the medical practitioners and the patients seeking such services. However, as healthcare professional Alddo Molinar states, in recent times, trends have considerably changed, and every other industry has been urged to protect the data it has been collecting from its clients. Obviously, most of the sectors have been protecting such information as they are actively interested in protecting their consumers. 


Anesthesiologist Dr. Alddo Molinar


However, Dr. Alddo Molinar believes that the medical industry has been left behind in the current trajectory and needs to act fast. According to Dr. Alddo Molinar, people are highly inclined to protect their financial information as they transact with various companies. That is why online stores have been aggressive in working on the best data protection strategies. For Alddo Molinar, there is no online store that does not have a comprehensive strategy that is basically focused on protecting the information it has been using in its industrial operations. The essence of the entire protection system is to ensure that the financial data of the customers has been protected. 

However, it is necessary to communicate that the next important area of concern where record-keeping should go to the next level should be the healthcare industry. This is an essential aspect that The anesthesiologist should ensure that he is undertaking because he believes that the data collected by such facilities is very sensitive and could be open to exploitation by unwanted parties. Dr. Alddo Molinar continues to communicate that cybercrime activities are quickly growing, and the healthcare sector could be the next target. This industry might not be protecting financial details about its clients. However, the information stored is critical to the health and reputation of an individual. Any loss of healthcare records could open channels for ransom and other forms of cyberbullying that are currently emerging in various parts of the world.