Walk among the wild

InfraBuild is one of the leading manufacturers and providers of long-range products. Mr. Bansal worked as CEO of an Australian waste management company before joining InfraBuild. He was pleased with the company’s results, competitive position, and valuable infrastructure. They chose him to match their goals and plans.

According to senior chairman Sanjeev Gupta, VIK Bansal is aware of developments in the industry and has previously served as chief executive of the ASX Company. He brought changes in the business. Mr. Patel will sit on a broad team that acts as Director of InfraBuild. Sanjeev Gupta highlighted Dak, who led to a remarkable business transformation. Through him, the financial results became stronger. He also established an excellent foundation for the future of its growth. InfraBuild will still access his experience and commercial judgment in his continued roles.

InfraBuild was planning the transformation. His selection will incredibly brighten the future of the company. He started working for the company on 1 July 2021 and was supposed to report to the chairman. Before joining InfraBuild, VIK Bansal served as the President and CEO of Valmont Industrial Inc. He has vast experience of over two decades, holding various positions in the United States, Asia, and Australia. His record in significantly growing and improving leading organizations has already been proven.

VIK Bansal holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Honors in MBA. He completed an Advanced Management Program at INSEAD and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Director and Yellow of Engineer Australia. Bansal is among the founders of the National Waste and Recycling Industry Council.

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