Walk among the wild

Few CEOs can achieve the fete achieved by the CEO of RoyaleLife Robert Bull, aka Bob Bull. Robert Bull has turned the company from a little-known company to become the largest bungalow provider for over 45 years in the UK. The company’s success has not been spontaneous but rather is a result of understanding the market, identifying gaps, and moving to fill the gap, all this happening under the leadership of Bob.

For many people in this age bracket, their priority is to have a long-term solution that fits well within their retirement plans. RoyaleLife’s Home Part Exchange program provides precisely that. The program is based on single-house, single-floor bungalows that are both smaller and affordable to many. Robert Bull believes that these smaller bungalows offer their customers financial flexibility, which has been a significant challenge for many over 45s.

For many people in the target age group, financial constraints have seen them change their retirement plans as they cannot afford decent housing. RoyaleLife program s is thus seen as a savior as it provides both a proper living experience and financial flexibility. Robert Bull states that a homeowner can buy a single-story bungalow with the program by exchanging it with their current home at the current market value. The bungalows are all furnished, and any amount that remains after the exchange is given to the homeowner. The program thus eliminates the cost of maintaining a large property.

Robert Bull attributes his success with working with his employees and creating a team focus at the company. He also states that his professional routine based on confidence and dedication has become part of his business model. He has also learned to accept that he may not know everything and usually listens to other people and self-educates to learn about areas he does not know. For Bob, the company’s program is part of supporting the community. Go Here for related Information.