Walk among the wild

Zilch is the first company to offer the BNPL card for shoppers. Two seasoned entrepreneurs founded the company, and the two entrepreneurs are Philip Belamant and Chairman Serge Belamant, who bring technical expertise to the company. Philip Belamant has received numerous awards working in the fintech industry. Additionally, he has founded a fintech company listed among the top 40 in Africa. Serge Belamant is an entrepreneur whose focus is computer science and has won numerous awards in the technology scene. Some of the awards are in the telecommunications operations and operations research.

About Zilch

Zilch is a company founded in offering buy now pay later card which gives the shoppers ability to pay overtime and instantly. The platform provides an opportunity where there is instant accessibility. The model employs patent-pending which is easily integrated. Zilch does not charge any interest fee to the customers and employs artificial intelligence and open banking to calculate the customers’ affordability.

Zilch has partnered with Mastercard to deliver its unique payment structure. The Zilch Mastercard partnership has enabled clients to shop using the card for retailers who accept the Mastercard. The partnership has streamlined the whole consumer experience making the shopping experience seamless.

Zilch continues to be the fintech company that helps shoppers manage the cash flows. The application has an easy user interface, making it an excellent choice for shoppers—Furthermore, many retailers are on the platform. Zilch provides an opportunity to control and know how much they are spending a given time. It continues to become a fast-growing business.

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