Walk among the wild

A US House Committee on Financial Services recently held a government hearing where they discussed the integral part retail education plays in retail trading and investment trading. During the hearing, the attendees were treated to words such as education, training, and learning. However, education is not equal, a term that saw Online Trading Company sought the insights of a financial expert, Dr. Jeffrey Harris, to understand.

Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris took the time to review some of the courses offered by OTA. He even attended some of the virtual classes, Online Extended learning track sessions and reviewed the company’s latest platform, CliK that offers students a platform where they can learn, analyze and trade.

According to Dr. Harris, not many have access to the much-needed education to participate in public financial markets. However. It is his hard effort with the American University and OTA to avail this kind of knowledge to the larger population. He further states that the exposure and education on investing and trading offered at OTA are unmatched by most finance majors.

Harris Laude, the team at OTA, stating that the material and principles used at the company were of sound economic theories and parallel university courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The methods used by the company to impart knowledge are in line with conventional experiential learning techniques designed to provide long-term knowledge on how students can trade using their accounts.

In financial markets, not all education is equal. You can either exploit the theoretical part, informational, or go with the experiential aspect, which is key in developing the confidence needed to handle practical complexities involved when investing and trading. Dr. Harris further pointed out the OTA’s use of financial technologies ease and enhance the learning experience and improve risk management.

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