Walk among the wild

Tieks is a web-only fashion brand formed in 2010 by Kfir Gavrieli. He is the CEO and founder of the company, dedicating it to charitable works. Unlike the other entrepreneurs who form startups to make profits, Kfir Gavrieli has dedicated his investment to philanthropy.

Tieks specialize in making women’s ballet flat shoes and sells them online. It is a unique venture since all its products and sold online, and no brick-and-mortar store has been built to promote its sales. Therefore, the founder has achieved to utilize technology to transform the way things are conducted. According to him, the past does not limit what he wants to achieve, and he believes in being unique in his ventures.

Tieks has grown both locally and internationally. Through the sales it makes, it has managed to promote its Gavrieli Foundation and KIVA. The Gavrieli Foundation is aimed at empowering women at the locality level. On the other hand, KIVA is a platform that Tieks used to provide microloans to entrepreneurs locally. It has rooted itself locally and has provided more than $10 million in microfinance to women entrepreneurs globally. Therefore, women entrepreneurs can access funds to help them boost or start businesses that would revolutionize their lives.

Before Kfir started his philanthropic initiatives, he had a solid background of educational skills. He attended the Stanford University, where he holds MBA, B.A, and M.S. even before he founded Tieks. He had involved himself in other successful ventures like hedge funds, real estate, venture capital, and technology. Such a successful and philanthropic investment has made the CEO of Tieks get awards from different sources. See this page on Twitter, for more information.

Forbes Inc recognized him as the 25 Most Innovative Consumer Brands. Also, Entrepreneur recognized Tieks as Top 30 Startups to Watch, same to Inc. featuring Kfir Gavrieli in the 30 Under 30. Not forgetting, the company was featured in The Oprah Winfrey Show’s O List.


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