Walk among the wild

Uplifting lives through the application of entrepreneurship opportunities that can change lives. That’s part of the core value of a company called QNET. Based in Hong Kong, QNET currently operates in 30 nations and provides gainful self-employment opportunities for thousands of people using a direct selling model.

A fundamental component of QNET is its philanthropic arm called the RYTHM Foundation. Note the spelling –- it is “Rhythm” and not “Rhythm.” That’s because it’s an acronym that stands for “Raise Yourself to Help Mankind.” It’s taken from a quote uttered by the great Indian statesman Mahatma Gandhi. The latter is a role model for QNET founder and board chairman Vijay Eswaran.

From the beginning, Eswaran’s vision was to create a profit-generating company with a deep sense of social consciousness. Making money and creating wealth is a means to a greater end -– with that end being identified as improving and uplifting the lives of as many people as possible.

Direct selling is the key to making this happen. By selling QNET products via its e-commerce platform, individuals can quickly and easily establish their own businesses, start making money right away and without the need to buy products or a lot of start-up money.

QNET sums up its core values in three words: Care, service and integrity. It holds that people are the company’s greatest asset and that all associated with the firm should demonstrate care and compassion for every person with which they come into contact.

QNET also proclaims that ethical practice and honest behavior are “embedded with the DNA” of the company. Service above self is the credo by which all those associated with the firm are expected to live by.

Industry observers have praised QNET for its commitment to environmental sustainability as well as social issues, such as gender equality and diversity in the workplace. See this article for more information.


Find more information about them on https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/qnet-wins-bronze-stevie-award-in-2020-asia-pacific-stevie-awards-301104142.html