Walk among the wild

PosiGen is a progressive solar energy company that was founded in 2011 in New Orleans with an aim to improve the lives of different communities across the globe. PosiGen’s goal has always been to ensure every household has access to affordable electricity. Through its solar energy programs, the company seeks to make the global transition to cleaner energy a reality. PosiGen began as an initiative to help middle and low-income families access affordable energy years after Hurricane Katrina that struck the United States in August 2005. To achieve this, the company began a leasing program for the many homeowners who couldn’t afford to purchase solar systems. 


To make homeowner’s work easier, they handle all documentation ranging from state permits to insurance. PosiGen solar systems rely on a special net meter that calculates the amount of energy you use and produce. When your panels produce less power than you need, you get to access a separate source of power from the grid. On top of that, PosiGen rewards you for the excess energy you produce, and it can be in the form of free electricity that you can use in the future. Generally, the amount you pay for the lease and the extra electricity is lower than the conventional electricity amount. Furthermore, the lease is charged at a fixed rate, making your billing straightforward and affordable. While PosiGen aims at providing energy, its services do much more than that. 


Firstly, it creates employment in middle and low-income communities. In fact, about 65% of its employees are women and people of color. Secondly, providing affordable energy to low-income communities helps them save more, enabling them to channel the extra cash into other beneficial projects and necessities. Lastly, their goal of getting more people to invest in solar energy is good for the environment. PosiGen helps to reduce the dependence on fuels and reduce their carbon footprint. Since this is something that many people around the globe are working towards, it makes sense why more than 15,000 households have embraced their services. The company has spread its services outside Louisiana – in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Florida. 

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