Walk among the wild

The Australian government recognizes that children are the future of the nation. That’s why legislators have earmarked millions of dollars in the form of grant money to bolster education and childcare programs. 

The number and types of grants focused on children are wide-ranging. Special attention has been given to programs that help children living in disadvantaged communities. In addition to grants for nonprofit groups, the Australian government has grants available to small-and-medium-sized businesses that serve children. An example of the latter might be a daycare center.

While funding is available, too many entities that provide services for children are unaware that a grant may be available to them right now. That money could make the difference between helping kids in need and shutting down a business or nonprofit group.

That’s where an organization called Grants Assist can be a key resource. Grants Assist provides expertise, consulting, guidance and a range of services that help Australian citizens apply for and receive grants from both state and federal government providers. Australian lawmakers released $110 million in grants last year to support childcare programs and services. An additional $4 million is forthcoming.

These funds entail four categories, including sustainability support for children, childcare “without barriers,” capital support for childcare centers and programs for disadvantaged children.

The largest roadblock in channeling these dedicated funds to where they are needed is that too many in the childcare industry don’t know about grants or don’t have a clue about how to apply. Even if they do apply, there’s a complex process that must be worked through to successfully complete the transaction.

Professionals with Grants Assist can streamline the process for anyone. They can help childcare workers and special interest groups find grants and identify the correct program categories to apply under. Grants Assist will also guide the applicant through the red tape and process required to make a grant happen.