Walk among the wild

Utility Warehouse is an energy provider within the United Kingdom that provides all essential home services in one convenient package. Initially established back in 2002, Utility Warehouse has grown to acquire over 650,000 customers in the UK. It is regarded as being one of the largest energy firms in the country and purchased 2 subsidiary energy companies back in 2013, which lead to it becoming the 7th largest energy provider in the United Kingdom. The company has been highly praised for its unique approach to providing utilities to UK residents. Unlike a traditional energy firm which focuses on providing one specific service, Utility Warehouse gives consumers the option of being able to access all essential home services such as home phone, broadband, mobile and electricity. Even though a customer can sign up for one single service, the company provides discounts when consumers get multiple services. The company proclaimed that it introduced this bundled concept to the market as a way to farm families money and time, by simplifying their monthly bills into one bundle package. 

The company also helps consumers to reduce their monthly expenses by providing them with a cash back card and free energy efficient LED bulbs

The cash back cards can be used at most online retailers and locally based retailers who already accept, mastercard and visa. But, the cash that customers earn gets applied to their monthly bill as opposed to going straight to their bank account. 

Utility Warehouse highlighted the fact that it’s able to provide customers with cashback and discounts for bundling services because it does not heavily invest in advertising. As opposed to spending an abundance on marketing fees and expecting their customers to foot the bill, instead, the company utilizes a network of over 40,000 partners who receive incentives for referring other people