Walk among the wild

Fintech Week founder Dr. Chris Brummer is an adorable leader whose passion for finance policy is admirable. The law professor reveals that he incubated his idea of Fintech Week (Washington DC) from carefully calculated thoughts about discussing Fintech policies. The event is a virtual congregation of leaders from different financial fields who discuss financial matters. That includes the regulatory and economic sectors. Participants include entrepreneurs, government officials, philanthropists, and nonprofits, among others. But who is Dr. Chris Brummer?

Dr. Chris Brummer is a law professor whose academic background can be dated back to law school. He has several degrees and Ph.D. Dr. Chris went to the University of Chicago (PhD. in Germanic Studies) Columbia Law School (J.D). The professor has a particular interest in teaching law. For a long time, Dr. Chris was a visiting professor at the London Law of Economics, where he lectured Economic Law.

 The professor has succeeded in many areas of his interest because of hard work. He says that his daily tasks involve replying to emails from regulators and market participants around the globe. He has to answer all their questions and then get on to his teaching duties at the institute. Dr. Chris Brummer is more interested in academic inquiries, nonprofits, and other finance-related industries. He always has something to share. His wide range of financial publications evidences this.

Being a policy entrepreneur, Dr. Chris has learned that he has to persist in everything he does. Persistence is a habit that is worth refining and embracing as some things take time to succeed. Success is not automatic. It involves dedication and commitment to whatever you are pursuing. He is aware that plans can fail even if you put in hard work and determination because the future is unpredictable. Failure of a single project should not dictate the future. Adapting fast is key to success.